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How Food Sensitivities Could Be Making You Fat

At East Bay Wellness in San Ramon, California, Dr. James Stalker manages the team as a leading expert on food sensitivities a

Millions of people across the United States have taken the warnings about obesity seriously and struggle daily with the challenge to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and lose weight. Many of these individuals, however, fail despite following their diets carefully and sweating through exercise routines daily. Why is that? It turns out that food sensitivities, and not excess calories, may be making you fat.

At East Bay Wellness in San Ramon, California, Dr. James Stalker manages the team as a leading expert on food sensitivities and how they impact your weight. Based on clinically proven science, medically sound techniques, and more than a thousand success stories, the East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System™ he’s created begins with identifying foods that may be causing your immune system to overreact.

Identifying food sensitivities

Unlike food allergies that may cause an obvious response, such as hives or difficulty breathing, sensitivities to certain foods offer more subtle symptoms, which may include:

  • Chronic and sometimes debilitating fatigue
  • Frequent, migraine-like headaches
  • Generalized inflammation
  • Indigestion or upper abdominal pain
  • Early satiety or feeling of fullness shortly after starting a meal
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Difficulty losing weight

Dr. Stalker uses a simple, finger-prick, in-office blood test to assess your sensitivity to 96 different foods. Results of the testing are issued by an independent lab, which generates a report within 7-10 days. If you’re unable to travel to our location for testing, Dr. Stalker can provide a phone consultation to outline the collection process.

Why would a food sensitivity make me fat?

Designed to extract valuable nutrients from the foods and beverages you consume, your digestive process moves through a complex series of steps that rely on numerous bodily functions to succeed. It starts with saliva secreted in your mouth as you chew that helps soften and break down your food into manageable bites.

As it moves into your stomach from your esophagus, acids and enzymes mix with the food until it enters your small intestine as a liquid or paste. Enzymes from the pancreas and the small intestine itself, along with bile from the liver, all work to break down the protein, fat, and carbohydrates found in the food you eat, and the nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream.

The leftovers from your small intestine are passed on to the large intestine where excess water is removed, and beneficial bacteria in your gut break down fiber and help synthesize vitamin K. From there, the remaining waste is eventually expelled from the body.

Research has shown that certain foods found in a typical diet -- high-sugar, high-fat, highly processed, low-fiber -- can alter the bacterial ecosystem in your gut and lead to what physicians refer to as a “leaky gut.” This triggers your immune system, which causes inflammation throughout your body. It’s also the cause of insulin resistance, which leads to your body storing more fat and rising numbers on your bathroom scale.

What kind of diet do you recommend for food sensitivities?

Nutrition plans created for the East Bay Wellness Weight Loss System are customized and tailored to meet your body’s unique needs. Rather than restricting calories, you’ll follow a low-glycemic, nutritionally healthy plan, avoiding foods that you’re sensitive to. Your individualized nutrition plan is designed to produce quality results and get your body functioning at its best again. 

It’s a plan you can live with and benefit from for the rest of your life. Along with weight loss, the meal plan also resolves many of the issues that are often related to food sensitivities, such as chronic fatigue and headaches.  

If you’re interested in an all-natural, successful weight-loss plan that works by normalizing the way your digestive system metabolizes the foods and beverages you consume, call our office to make an appointment or book a visit online.