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See How Well Others Have Done through East Bay Weight Loss!

Come to us for customized healthy food plans in San Ramon, CA

Hundreds of clients have seen real results through East Bay Weight Loss 60-day program. Our program focuses on discovering and eliminating foods that are simply incompatible with your body and body type. Many individuals may have an underlying sensitivity to gluten, dairy and other types of foods.

With East Bay Weight Loss, you'll be able to determine these sensitives through a simple blood test!

Soon after, a custom weight loss plan will be developed to start you on a path to success. Over the next 60 days, you'll be able to maintain your successes through a food log, recipe book and overall progress tracker.

And don't worry. If you have trouble, our doctor is here to help you get back on track. Also, when it comes to the fitness elements of the plan, we provide at-home workout videos for those who may be uncomfortable or unable to attend a gym.

Our custom weight loss program is exactly that - it's customized for you! View photos and videos from our clients down below to see what East Bay Weight Loss has done to change their lives!

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Maria Lost 34 Pounds & 24 Inches In 60 Days!

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Misty Lost 23 Pounds & 14 Inches In 30 Days!

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Donna Lost 42 Pounds & 29 Inches In 10 Weeks!

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Cathy Lost 32 Pounds & 20 Inches In 60 Days!

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Randy Lost 107 Pounds In A Little Over 9 Months!